Who is Becky Lynch?
Also known as the Lass Kicker - Becky Lynch is a fiery redhead from Dublin, Ireland, ready to fight anyone in her path. Trained for the squared circle at the age of 15, Lynch travelled the world perfecting her craft before debuting in NXT in 2014. Bringing a unique steampunk style to the ring, along with deadly submissions - Becky Lynch is not your average lass. With a scorching passion for sports-entertainment, there’s no limit to how far Becky Lynch can go in the WWE . Read more...
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 Elimination Chamber Recap

Becky Lynch def. Mickie James
Becky Lynch has been out for payback against Mickie James for a month, since James' reemergence in WWE to cost Lynch the SmackDown Women's Championship. At Elimination Chamber 2017, The Irish Lass Kicker got what she’s been looking for, picking up a hard-fought victory over James by surprising the veteran with a roll-up.
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    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Smackdown › 2015 › October1st

    Becky Lynch and Charlotte are seen backstage being interviewed by Jojo. We get a replay from RAW last week.  Becky and Charlotte talk about Paige complaining lately and about how her current actions have been. Paige walks up and ask Becky to continue her talking along with Charlotte. Becky tells Paige to get out her face before she makes her. Charlotte stepped in and gave Paige an ultimatum that she had a choice to either be with them or be against them. Becky and Charlotte leave and give Paige time  to think about it.

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    Becky Lynch was feautured on the Sam Roberts Podcast this week. She talks to Sam about getting started in wrestling and how she made it all the way from Ireland to the WWE today. Also she talks about the Diva’s revolution, the inspiration behind her steampunk gear, and more!

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos› Monday Night RAW › 2015 › September 28th
    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Monday Night RAW › 2015 › September 28th

    We’re back from the break on RAW and The Miz is out for Miz TV. He welcomes us and says people can’t get enough of the Divas Revolution but the Divas have had enough of each other. We see Paige’s promo from last week. Miz introduces Becky Lynch and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, out they come.

    Miz says they got decimated by Team Bella last time they were on his show. Becky says they remember it like Miz almost getting beat up for being a sexist, chauvinistic jackass. Miz brings up Team PCB and Charlotte says Paige has two options – come talk to her face to face like a woman or come out to just fight. Miz says she can’t just invite guests on his show. Becky takes Miz’s mic and throws it up the ramp. Charlotte calls out Paige again but Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox come out instead. Nikki calls them losers. She says they didn’t come to fight, they came to thank them. Team Bella says while they fight like high school girls, Team Bella is more united than ever. Nikki says she’s starting to feel sorry for Charlotte because she’ll be consumed with drama by the time they have their rematch. Charlotte invites Nikki into the ring and says she will make her tap out again. Team Bella enters the ring now as Nikki and Charlotte cut promos. Charlotte says the Revolution isn’t about any individual Diva, it’s about fans believing in them and them believing in each other. Alicia points out there’s three of them and two of them. It looks like we’re about to have a fight but out comes Paige.

    Paige says Charlotte and Becky wouldn’t even be on TV if it weren’t for her. She says she put NXT on the map by becoming the first NXT Women’s Champion. She says Charlotte wouldn’t be Divas Champion and people still wouldn’t know Becky’s name if it weren’t for her. Paige takes a shot at The Bella Twins, saying who needs ambition when you have two boyfriends like theirs, referring to John Cena and Daniel Bryan. A brawl breaks out and Team PCB clears the ring together. We go to commercial.

    Team PCB vs. Team Bella

    Back from the break and Paige is going at it with Fox as Kane made a match. They keep control until Brie and Charlotte go at it. Brie with a 2 count. Charlotte turns it around and tags in Becky for an awkward double hip toss and a double elbow drop. Alicia ends up nailing Becky off a distraction. Team Bella takes control as Nikki comes in and keeps Becky down.

    Alicia comes in and suplexes Becky for a 2 count. Alicia with a knee in the back now. Brie tags in and stomps on Becky. Brie with a suplex for another pin attempt. Brie unloads with kicks in the corner. Nikki tags in with another pin attempt on Becky. Becky fights back but Nikki cuts her off. Becky blocks a suplex with a roll up. They both go down after colliding with clotheslines. Charlotte gets the tag and Paige doesn’t like it. Charlotte unloads on Nikki and hits the neckbreaker and superkick for a 2 count as Team Bella breaks the pin. Paige runs in and throws Alicia out. Charlotte goes for the Figure Four but Nikki kicks her into Paige, knocking her off the apron. Paige waives goodbye and walks out on the match.

    Natalya meets Paige on the ramp and argues with her. Natalya goes to the apron to fill in for Paige but Paige pulls her down and leaves her laying. Nikki takes advantage and scoops Charlotte for the Rack Attack and the win.

    Winners: Team Bella

    After the match, Team Bella stands tall in the ring as Becky, Natalya and Charlotte are at ringside.

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos› Smackdown › 2015 › September 24th

    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Smackdown › 2015 › September 24th

    They show highlights from the Divas on RAW. Charlotte and Becky Lynch come out for a promo to a great pop. Charlotte thanks everyone for their support and for believing in the Divas Revolution since it started. Paige interrupts and comes to the ring as she begins to take credit for the Diva’s Revolution. Natalya is out next. Natalya asks why Paige is mad because the Divas are the best they have ever been. She says Paige has no reason to be mad and she’s better than that. Paige agrees, she is better than Natalya. She says Natalya let the Revolution pass her by and now she’s trying to be relevant. Paige slaps Natalya and leaves, Charlotte and Becky tend to Natalya after Paige’s attack.

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Photoshoots › Rugby World Cup Divas

    Soccer season has come to a start and the Divas are in gear ready to go! Summer Rae, Paige, Sasha, and our girl Becky Lynch have have been included in this photoshoot and they all look lovely. Check out the pics in our gallery now!


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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos› Monday Night RAW › 2015 › September 21st
    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Monday Night RAW › 2015 › September 21st


    Flair talks about Texas for a minute and gets a “thank you Ric” chant. Flair thanks the crowd and says the proudest moment in his entire life was his daughter winning the WWE Divas Title last night at Night of Champions. Flair says she didn’t get the title because of him, she earned it. Flair says she beat a great champion in Nikki Bella. Flair introduces his “little girl” and out comes the new WWE Divas Champion Charlotte with Paige and Becky Lynch.

    Charlotte gets emotional when talking to her dad. She always thought he was the best and if she can make him half as proud, she knows she’s done good as his daughter. They hug and fans cheer. Charlotte thanks Becky for reminding her not to be so serious all the time. Charlotte addresses Paige next and says she has followed in Paige’s footsteps and wanted to be where she was. Paige says Charlotte is so nice and this whole celebration is so nice but Paige says she made this possible. Paige tells Becky to shut up. She mocks Charlotte and Flair. Paige says Charlotte says she was just inducted into the Hall of Fame. Paige says Charlotte winning isn’t a big deal because she won the title on her first day. Paige says title reigns end and Team Bella is going to take the title, then the Divas division will go back to what it was. Paige calls Charlotte a placeholder. Becky is riled up and Paige knocks her saying she will never be champion because she’s the least relevant of the three. Paige takes shots at Team BAD, Lana, Summer Rae and Natalya. She says we all know why The Bella Twins really got to where they are. Paige says Charlotte wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her old man. Becky holds Charlotte back as Paige does a “whooo!” and tosses the mic before leaving. Paige screams “this is my house” before walking to the back. The music hits and here come Team Bella.

    Nikki says she wanted to address Paige and calls her a trashy classless woman. Nikki mocks Charlotte as Team Bella walks towards the ring. Nikki reveals Charlotte vs. Brie in a non-title match for tonight. Nikki says when they have their rematch, Charlotte is losing the title. Nikki wishes her good luck as we go to commercial.

    Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

    Back from the break and they’re going at it and Becky is at ringside watching the match. Brie with forearms and a side head lock and take down. Charlotte with a forearm and Brie with a shoulder. Charlotte kips up and woooos. Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall. Charlotte with a cravate and knees to Brie. Brie with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Charlotte sends Brie into the turnbuckles.

    Charlotte goes to the apron and Brie pulls her to the floor. Brie sends Charlotte into the ring steps. Brie mocks Charlotte with a wooo and she gets back into the ring. Brie with a shoulder but Charlotte with a shoulder from the apron. Brie with a shoulder in the corner. Brie puts Charlotte’s injured leg in the ropes and kicks it.

    Brie tries for a figure four but Charlotte counters with a rollup. Brie returns to the leg. Brie with kicks to the hamstring. Brie with a drop kick and then she puts the leg in the ropes again. Brie sets for the Brie Mode running knee to the injured leg. Brie with another Brie Mode knee to the leg and she gets a near fall.

    Charlotte with forearms and she tries to slam Brie but Brie gets to her feet and Brie with a clip to the knee and gets a near fall. Brie with a single leg crab on Charlotte but Charlotte with an enzuigiri and both women are down. Brie goes for the leg but Charlotte with a back slide for a near fall. Charlotte with chops but Brie with a kick to the midsection. Charlotte with a neck breaker followed by a spear and she applies the figure four and bridges. Brie taps out and Charlotte a Becky celebrate Charlotte’s first win as Diva’s champion.

    Winner: Charlotte

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Event Digitals › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › SummerSlam

    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Event Digitals › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › SummerSlam

    Nikki Bella is shown warming up backstage while Brie and Alicia look on. We cut to Charlotte being psyched up by Becky Lynch and Paige, as well as her father, Ric Flair. After a quick look at some of the great WWE Divas/Women’s Champions in WWE history, we get a video package to look at Nikki Bella’s historic WWE Divas title reign, and her challenger tonight in Charlotte.  The Diva’s match is next!

    WWE Divas Title Match Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella
    Nikki can lose her title by pinfall, submission, count out or DQ

    Back in the arena, Charlotte makes her way out to the ring accompanied by Paige and Becky Lynch, getting a pretty sizable pop from the fans in attendance.

    Nikki Bella is out next, and she’s got her stablemates with her, as Alicia Fox and Brie Bella make their way down the aisle next to the champ.

    The bell rings and Nikki bails from the ring right away to do a couple of jumping jacks. She rolls back into the ring, and right back out to do a couple of push ups. Nikki finally makes her way in for a lock up, and she’s pushed back into the corner. Nikki fights her way out and sends Charlotte to the apron. Charlotte hits Nikki with a big forearm, but Nikki drops Charlotte to the floor, and it looks like Charlotte may have tweaked her knee. Charlotte knocks Nikki to the mat, and pulls her while Nikki grabs on to the apron. Nikki kicks at Charlotte’s leg, then suplexes her into the ropes. Nikki continues to target the leg, sending Charlotte to the apron, and hitting a dragon screw from the apron to send Charlotte crashing to the floor.

    Nikki brings things back into the ring where she gets a two count, then drives her knee into the back of Charlotte’s knee. Nikki ties up Charlotte’s legs and rears back, then breaks it and simply drives Charlotte’s knee into the mat a couple of times. Charlotte responds with a forearm, and Nikki hits a quick dropkick to Charlotte’s leg. Nikki goes for the pin but she’s not able to get three. Nikki drives Charlotte’s foot into the mat in a DDT-like move, that’s good for another two count. Nikki wrenches back on Charlotte’s knee and ankle before standing and hitting another suplex into the ropes. Nikki wraps Charlotte’s leg around the ropes and pulls until it’s broken up by the ref. Nikki puts Charlotte’s ankle on the bottom rope, then jumps down on top of her knee. She misses a second attempt and is rolled up by Charlotte for a near fall. Nikki responds by locking in a single leg Boston crab and Charlotte screams in pain.

    Nikki breaks the hold and heads up to the middle rope, hitting a chop-block like diving maneuver. Charlotte still won’t stay down for a three count. Charlotte attempts to fight back but Nikki clotheslines her to the mat. Nikki wraps Charlotte’s leg around the ring post twice before trapping her in a figure four around the ring post. Nikki wraps Charlotte’s leg around the post once more, then goes for a pin, only getting a two count. Nikki goes back to the single leg crab once more.

    On the outside, Brie and Alicia get into it with Paige and Becky. Nikki taps Charlotte in a sleeper hold, but Charlotte is able to drop down with a backpack stunner to break the hold. Charlotte connects with a couple of big chops, and a quick neckbreaker. Charlotte ducks a clothesline and connects with a big boot to the face, but it’s not enough for three. Charlotte tries for a backslide, but Nikki kicks the back of her knee, and puts her down to the mat for another two count. Nikki suplexes Charlotte into the corner, doing even more damage to the leg, before hitting a running clothesline in the corner. Nikki hangs Charlotte’s let on the ropes and drives her knee into Charlotte’s thigh repeatedly. Nikki slams Charlotte to the mat and goes for another pin, getting two.

    Nikki leaps from the second rope right into a big spear from Charlotte. Charlotte is able to clamp on the figure eight, and Nikki is forced to tap out.

    Winner and NEW WWE Diva’s Champion: Charlotte

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos› Smackdown › 2015 › September 17th

    Paige & Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks & Naomi w/Tamina

    Becky and Naomi start off the match. Becky lands a series of uppercuts and hip tosses Naomi. Naomi tags in Sasha. Becky arms drag Sasha and gets her into a arm lock. Becky with a series of craddle pin attempts for two counts. Sasha regains control of the match. Naomi and Sasha work over Becky in their corner. They continue to keep Becky isolated, and Banks gets a near fall. Banks with a snap mare and works a seated abdominal stretch on Becky. Becky works to escape, Sasha chokes her in the ropes and then tags in Naomi.

    Naomi covers Becky for two count and then goes back to a seated stretch on Becky. Naomi maintains control, dances a bit and tags in Banks, who lays in the kicks to Becky and covers for two count. Banks again tries to ground Becky, who works to her feet and gets the hip toss to escape. Becky with the boot and a shot on Naomi, looks for the tag and the heels cut her off again. She finally kicks them away and here comes Paige. Paige with repeated kicks and knees to Naomi after tossing  Sasha, Becky pulls Sasha to the floor as she tries a distraction, which worked anyway as Naomi rolled up Paige for the win.

    Winner: Sasha Banks & Naomi

    It’s later in the evening and we see Nikki excited and ready for her Bellabration to celebrate being the longest reigning Divas champion.  Alicia said that Nikki looks so hot. Brie tries to warn Nikki, but Nikki charges into the room. Nikki opens up a bottle of wine and sees that nobody showed up for the party. Brie and Alicia apologizes. Brie and Alicia says that they will make it up. Nikki looks around the room and Team PCB come from behind. Becky and Paige are seen wearing the most adorable party hats imaginable and Charlotte is trying to stay serious as she goes on to remind Nikki that if she gets disqualified, counted out or whatever she will lose the Divas Championship. Charlotte says that after Sunday she will have enough left overs to pick your spirits up. Nikki gets up and knocks down a bunch of bottles. Adam Rose shows up and says that Nikki’s party is horrible. Nikki throws cake at Rose, but lands on Brie and Alicia. Nikki screams good she glad that this happen to them. Nikki storms out of the room.

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    Gallery: Home > ScreenCaptures > Social Media > Twitter Videos – Paige and Team PCB #JustKeepDancing (@RealPaigeWWE)

    Thanks to Paige, we got to see Becky bust a few moves! And for a good cause too. Team PCB has particiated in the #JustKeepDancing hashtag which is to help raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer. Make a video of your own and help support the cause and while you’re at it you can check out the screen captures from the video in our gallery.

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