Who is Becky Lynch?
Also known as the Lass Kicker - Becky Lynch is a fiery redhead from Dublin, Ireland, ready to fight anyone in her path. Trained for the squared circle at the age of 15, Lynch travelled the world perfecting her craft before debuting in NXT in 2014. Bringing a unique steampunk style to the ring, along with deadly submissions - Becky Lynch is not your average lass. With a scorching passion for sports-entertainment, there’s no limit to how far Becky Lynch can go in the WWE . Read more...
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 Elimination Chamber Recap

Becky Lynch def. Mickie James
Becky Lynch has been out for payback against Mickie James for a month, since James' reemergence in WWE to cost Lynch the SmackDown Women's Championship. At Elimination Chamber 2017, The Irish Lass Kicker got what she’s been looking for, picking up a hard-fought victory over James by surprising the veteran with a roll-up.
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    Gallery:  Home > World Wrestling Entertainment > Event Digitals > Thursday Night Smackdown > 2016 > March 3rd, 2016

    Number One Contender’s Match
    Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

    Banks manages a drop toe hold after a few pin attempts, but Becky Lynch gets a couple of arm drags and a top wristlock, which she transitions into an armbar before being punched in the face. Banks scores a springboard armdrag, but the two dropkicks each other and come to a stalemate. Charlotte’s music hits, and she and Ric Flair come to ringside.

    Becky Lynch gets control with a couple of leg lariats and a leg drop, but Sasha runs Lynch down with double knees for two. Sasha applies the Bank Statement, but Lynch is able to get to the ropes. Lynch kicks Sasha, but eats more double knees for a two count.

    A pop-up European uppercut almost gets three for Becky Lynch. The two slug it out before a Lynch dropkick sends Sasha outside. A double lariat leaves both women outside the ring as Flair dances and taunts them. Charlotte attacks both women to end the match.

    Official Result: Double Disqualification.


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    Gallery:  Home > Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment > Video Exclusives > WWE on Youtube > 2016 > Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch prepare for the most important night of their careers 

    Things get tense between The Boss and The Irish Lass Kicker before their SmackDown rematch to determine who will face Charlotte for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania!

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    Gallery:  Home > World Wrestling Entertainment > Event Digitals > Thursday Night Smackdown > 2016 > February 25th, 2016 

    Singles Match: Natalya vs. Becky Lynch.

    They lock up. Lynch hit a drop kick and then a leg drop. She missed the third one, and Natalya hit a german suplex. Lynch rolled to the floor. Tamina and Naomi walk down to the ring. Naomi attacked Natalya, which caused the DQ.

    Winner: Natalya via DQ.

    Post-match, Sasha Banks comes down and makes the save. Lynch and Banks stand tall in the until Charlotte comes out with Ric Flair and announces Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks for Monday’s RAW to crown a new #1 contender for the Divas Title.

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    Gallery: Home > Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment > Video Exclusives > WWE on Facebook > 2016 > What goes into building an Irish #LassKicker? TapouT Worldwide  

     Find out what Becky Lynch does to get her adrenaline going in those crucial moments before the bell rings, powered by TapouT!

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    097_RAW_01252016rf_0933-1303802440.jpg 099_RAW_01252016rf_0938-162244464.jpg 108_RAW_01252016rf_0966-967202232.jpg  117_RAW_01252016rf_0997-2449773071.jpg

    Gallery: Home > Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment > Thursday Night Smackdown > 2016 > February 4th, 2016 

    Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks Backstage Segment:

    Becky started to explain why she helped Sasha on Monday, when Sasha herself interrupted. Sasha said she wouldn’t help Becky if her life depended on it, and Becky said that when she sees people in trouble she helps them. They argued back and forth a bit and eventually decided they would help each other to fend off Naomi and Tamina, but neither of them would like it. Becky said that she will go after Charlotte after she and Sasha are done with Team Bad. Sasha says that it’s not going to happen if Sasha gets to Charlotte first. Renee asks Becky if her and Sasha are tag team partners. Becky says that she doesn’t know and walks away.

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    Gallery: Home > World Wrestling Entertainment > Event Digitals > Monday Night RAW > 2016 > February 1st 

    Naomi and Tamina make their way to the stage. Naomi says it’s nice to see her growing up. Banks says she appreciated Team B.A.D., but she wants to be the best. Naomi says they understand that partnerships don’t last forever. At some point, they have to make their own mark and create their legacy. Tamina says they want to congratulate her. They’re not going to let this manifest itself into a Twitter war. Naomi says they can be competitors and sisters. Banks asks if they’ll support her in her match against Becky Lynch. Naomi asks if she doesn’t think she can do it on her own. Banks says she can. She says they’re still her girls. They fist pump.

    Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. This match is next.

    -Commercial Break-

    Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina vs. Becky Lynch

    They lock up, and Banks quickly slams her down. Becky applies a waistlock and takes her down. Banks fights up and takes her down for a one count. They go back and forth trading pins before doing a pair of sloppy arm drags. There appears to be a lot of miscommunication in this one. A lot of awkward movements and slow motion maneuvers. Banks lays her across the second rope and drives in a pair of knees. Banks grabs the hand and scales the ropes for an arm drag. Sasha then kicks her to the floor. Naomi and Tamina go to double-team Becky, but Sasha stops them. Sasha says she doesn’t need their help. Naomi and Tamina pull Sasha out of the ring and start double-teaming her.

    Winner by Disqualification: Sasha Banks

    Becky tries to help Sasha, but Naomi and Tamina overtake them. Becky and Sasha come back and punch them out of the ring. A light “NXT” chant fires up.

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    Gallery: Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment > Video Exclusives > WWE on Youtube > 2016 > CREED VS. BREEZE: WHEEL OF FORTUNE & CAKE TO THE FACE — Gamer Gauntlet 

    Then-birthday-boy Tyler Breeze a.k.a. Prince Pretty takes on Austin Creed in his official Gamer Gauntlet debut with some old school Wheel of Fortune. As with any birthday, there must be a birthday cake. Thus, the loser will be made to shove their face into said dessert much to the winner’s glee. Our girl Becky Lynch also makes an appearance along with Big E!

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    From close allies to bitter enemies, Divas Champion Charlotte and Becky Lynch will look to settle the score when they meet in a championship clash this Sunday at Royal Rumble.

    What began as a friendly rivalry has escalated into a heated contest of one-upmanship ever since Charlotte’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, began seconding his daughter. The influence of “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” clearly rubbed off on Charlotte, as the reigning Divas Champion began incorporating illegal tactics to get the better of her opponents — Becky included.

    During a non-title match between the two on the Jan. 4 edition of Raw, The Nature Boy made his presence felt, interfering behind the referee’s back. Becky withstood the distraction and even fought fire with fire, resorting to the very Flair-like strategy of pulling Charlotte’s trunks to score the pin. Upset by The Irish Lass Kicker’s desperation move, Charlotte attacked her former friend from behind.

    Becky nearly captured the Divas Title in a championship match days later on SmackDown when she locked Charlotte in the Dis-arm-her submission hold. Though the champion visibly tapped out, Flair placed Charlotte’s foot on the bottom rope, forcing Becky to release the move. Moments later, and with her own feet illegally on the ropes for added leverage, Charlotte pinned Becky.

    Enraged that she had again been trumped by underhanded means, Becky demanded another title contest at Royal Rumble, a challenge that was ultimately accepted on the Jan. 18 edition of Raw.

    Which Diva will be savvy enough to escape with the butterfly-emblazoned title this Sunday? Will Becky make the champion submit to her painful armbar, or will The Nature Boy ensure Charlotte remains the titleholder?

    Don’t miss Royal Rumble this Sunday at 8 ET/5 PT, live on the award-winning WWE Network, to watch the long-awaited Diva brawl.

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    Gallery: Home > Miscellaneous Photos > Germain Arena interview 

    Becky Lynch was 10 years old when she made the decision: She was too cool for wrestling.

    Now, of course, she can’t believe she ever thought that. She’s a rising WWE star known for her flaming red hair, sexy Irish accent and a popular signature move — an arm bar called The Dis-Arm-Her. And thanks to wrestling, Lynch gets to perform for enthusiastic crowds at arenas everywhere, including a WWE tour stop this Saturday at Germain Arena.

    “I stopped watching wrestling when I was 10, because, you know, I got too cool for it — or so I thought!” Lynch says and laughs. “I don’t know how anybody could think that about wrestling! It’s the coolest thing in the world. But that’s what I thought when I was 10.”

    So she gave up wrestling for skateboarding and other “cool” things. Her brother kept the flame alive, though, and he kept watching the WWE on a Dublin cable channel.

    That’s how Lynch found out about wrestler Mick Foley.

    And that changed everything.

    “He was so sympathetic, and I just fell in love with wrestling again,” says Lynch, now 28 years old. “And I’d tell my brother, ‘Let me know when Mick Foley comes on again.’ And then I got soooo back into it and wanted to know all the storylines.

    “Then it was the coolest thing in the world. And I couldn’t believe for a second that I would doubt my love for it!”

    Lynch’s love for wrestling has only grown since then. She ended up taking wrestling classes, becoming a professional wrestler and then — about two years ago — joining the WWE’s NXT wrestling development branch.

    Then, last summer, she got promoted to the big time: She’s now one of the main roster WWE Divas and she tours the country and shares storylines with wresting legends such as Ric Flair.

    “It’s a whirlwind!” she says. “It’s just a dream come true, you know?”

    These days, she gets to do supplexes and The Dis-Arm-Her for even bigger crowds — thousands of fans instead of only hundreds.

    The Dis-Arm-Her has served her well over the years, she says. Lynch learned the arm bar from wrestler Goldust.

    “It’s a move I can get on from anywhere,” she says. “It’s a move that, if they don’t tap out, it will literally rip their shoulder out of their socket (laughs).

    “So it’s a good finishing move to have!… If you don’t tap out, game over.”

    Wrestling fans go nuts for The Dis-Arm-Her, the red hair and the Irish lilt. And Lynch admits she feeds off that energy, too.

    “I just absolutely love it,” she says. “The crowds are amazing…. I feel like, honestly, I couldn’t be luckier.”

    Still, Lynch won’t speak ill of her earlier NXT fans. Those are some of the most hardcore wrestling fans around, she says, and they made up for their relatively small numbers with louder applause.

    “WWE fans… they’re really just a special breed,” she says. “They pour so much love into the product, and we hopefully give it back to ‘em.

    “There might be only 400 or 500 people, but they are LOUD. They’re really into it.”

    Lynch, of course, knows just what it’s like to be a WWE fan. She might have been too cool at one time, but she still remembers that early excitement. It wasn’t always the best thing for her school work, she admits.

    “We’d always watch Royal Rumble,” she says. “We would stay up til 1 o’clock in the morning and watch until 4, and then we’d go in to school the next morning exhausted.”

    Now she gets to work side-by-side with some of her old WWE heroes: Flair, Foley and even former WWE Diva Lita — an early role model for her.

    Lynch says she didn’t care much for the other WWE Divas when she was a kid, but there was just something special about Lita.

    “I could never relate to, say, Trish or Torrie,” she says. “Lita, obviously, was gorgeous. But they (the other Divas) were these beautiful, blonde modelesque girls.

    “And then Lita was just this cool badass that you wanted to be friends with. And she was a bit of a rebel, and I guess that’s how I felt when I was a teenager.”

    Lita, in short, made Lynch want to be a Diva, too.

    “She was like my idol,” she says. “I dyed my hair red. And I was walking around with the baggy pants (I was already doing that because I was a little bit of a skater, anyway) … She was my inspiration.”

    Fast forward 18 years, and Lynch gets to see her idol all the time. Lita is a producer for the WWE.

    “She’s fantastic!” Lynch says. “It’s a little bit surreal, still. But she’s so down to earth and so cool and so easy to talk to, you forget that this was your childhood hero.”

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    Becky Lynch was feautured on the Sam Roberts Podcast this week. She talks to Sam about getting started in wrestling and how she made it all the way from Ireland to the WWE today. Also she talks about the Diva’s revolution, the inspiration behind her steampunk gear, and more!

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