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Also known as the Lass Kicker - Becky Lynch is a fiery redhead from Dublin, Ireland, ready to fight anyone in her path. Trained for the squared circle at the age of 15, Lynch travelled the world perfecting her craft before debuting in NXT in 2014. Bringing a unique steampunk style to the ring, along with deadly submissions - Becky Lynch is not your average lass. With a scorching passion for sports-entertainment, there’s no limit to how far Becky Lynch can go in the WWE . Read more...
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 Elimination Chamber Recap

Becky Lynch def. Mickie James
Becky Lynch has been out for payback against Mickie James for a month, since James' reemergence in WWE to cost Lynch the SmackDown Women's Championship. At Elimination Chamber 2017, The Irish Lass Kicker got what she’s been looking for, picking up a hard-fought victory over James by surprising the veteran with a roll-up.
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    Gallery: Home > World Wrestling Entertainment > Event Digitals > Pay-Per-View > 2016 > Survivor Series

    Traditional Elimination Match: Team RAW (Bayley, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte) vs. Team SmackDown (Natalya, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch)

    We go right to the ring and out first comes Bayley. Alicia Fox is out next followed by Nia Jax. Sasha Banks is out next to a pop. RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is out last for her team and Dana Brooke is with her. SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is out first for her team. Naomi is out next, then Alexa Bliss. Team RAW looks on as Carmella makes her way out. Team Captain Nikki Bella is out last. Her music hits but she never appears. Cameras rush backstage to a trainer checking on Nikki. Daniel Bryan and team coach Natalya check on her. Nikki says someone hit her from behind but she didn’t see who it was. The trainer won’t clear her to compete. Natalya steps up and Bryan sends her to the ring to replace Nikki. Natalya’s music hits and out she comes to a pop.

    Alicia and Carmella go at it to start. Fox with an early Northern Lights suplex for a 2 count. Carmella takes her down with a flying head scissors. Carmella with a Bronco Buster for a 2 count. Bayley and Becky come in at the same time. Before they can tangle, Charlotte tags herself in to boos. Sasha tags herself in and fans pop. Sasha and Charlotte start shoving each other as Becky watches. Bayley tries to stop them. Becky decks Charlotte. Every one gets in the ring and brawls now. Nia shuts Team SmackDown down on her own. Becky with a 2 count on Sasha after the ring clears. Sasha kicks Becky in the face but Charlotte tags herself back in. Becky with arm drags on Charlotte before keeping her grounded.

    More back and forth between Charlotte and Becky. Charlotte avoids the Disarm-Her and makes it to the ropes. Nia tags in next. She rams Becky back into the corner and elbows her in the head. Carmella tags in and charges but Nia floors her. Bliss tags in for a pop but Nia stops her. Naomi is in next. She comes off the second rope but Nia catches her and drops her as well. Natalya is in next. Carmella tags herself in and they try to double team Nia but she nails a double clothesline. Fox tags back in but Carmella catches her and tosses her across the ring. Carmella misses a Bronco Buster. Fox slams her face into the turnbuckles several times. Fox hits a scissors kick for the pin. Carmella is eliminated.

    Bliss comes in and sends Naomi into the corner. She comes off the top and covers Fox for the pin. Fox is eliminated.

    Naomi gets the best of Charlotte. Nia tags in but Naomi knocks her off the apron. Naomi also goes for Sasha. Naomi ends up leaping off the apron and taking Nia out on the floor. More back and forth. Nia sends Naomi face first into the ring post and then yanks her off the apron. Naomi lands hard on the floor. Fans count along as Naomi gets counted out. Naomi is eliminated.

    Bliss and Banks go at it now. Natalya is in next. Sasha gets stuck in SmackDown’s corner but decks Becky off the apron. Banks fights off Bliss and Natalya. She goes for the corner knees on Natalya and Bliss at the same time but Natalya retreats to the floor. Sasha still jumps out and takes her down with knees. Sasha brings Natalya back in but gets rolled up for a 2 count. Natalya with a suplex but Sasha slides out. Bliss stops a Backstabber. Natalya rolls Sasha up for the pin. Sasha is eliminated.

    Charlotte and Natalya go at it now. Natalya with a big German suplex. Fans chant “Suplex City” as Charlotte turns it back around. She goes up for the moonsault but Natalya cuts her off and hits a sitdown powerbomb for a 2 count as Nia makes the save. Natalya with a Sharpshooter now. Charlotte makes it to the bottom rope with an assist from Dana. Charlotte hits a big running boot for the 3 count. Natalya is eliminated.

    Becky and Bliss argue now. They start shoving each other. Nia charges but they duck her. They go for a double suplex on Nia but she counters and suplexes them at the same time. Becky dropkicks Nia while she’s holding Bliss. More tension between Becky and Bliss. Becky with a 2 count on Nia. Becky with the Disarm-Her for the submission. Nia is eliminated.

    Nia pulls Becky to the floor and launches her into the barrier. Bliss tags herself in but Charlotte runs over her with a boot. Charlotte covers for the pin. Bliss is eliminated.

    Becky and Charlotte go at it now. Becky unloads and hits a suplex. Becky goes to the top for a leg drop and a 2 count as Bayley runs in. Charlotte crawls for a tag and in comes Bayley. Becky stops in her tracks. They meet in the middle of the ring. Bayley drops her for a 2 count. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Bayley unloads but Becky catches her in another suplex for a 2 count. Becky goes on but misses a splash. Bayley turns it around for a 2 count. Bayley avoids the Disarm-Her. Bayley with a suplex. Bayley avoids the Disarm-Her again. Bayley catches Becky in the Bayley-to-Belly suplex for the win.

    Winners: Bayley and Charlotte


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    111_SD_12222015sb_1842-921592359.jpg WWE_Smackdown_Live_2015_12_22_720p_HDTV_x264-Ebi_mp4_003911669.jpg

    Gallery: Home>World Wrestling Entertainment>Event Digitals>Pay-Per-View>2016>Battleground

    Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

    Becky goes right after Natalya right away, fighting her into the ropes where Natalya forces a break. Becky continues the assault, taking Natalya to the mat and continuing to dog her around the ring. Natalya bails to the floor to catch her breath before coming back into the ring and laying out Becky with a big forearm. Becky comes back with an arm drag and dropkick that send Natalya fleeing back out to the floor. Natalya turns her back on Becky and is taken out with a baseball slide before Becky leaps to the floor to take out Natalya. Becky gets frustrated as Natalya continues to run. Natalya catches Becky’s leg and traps it in the ring apron, getting in a couple of cheap shots before sending her crashing into the ring steps. Natalya brings things back into the ring and continues to work over the knee, wrenching at it before stomping away in the corner.

    Natalya clamps on a submission on the leg, wrenching away before slamming Becky’s knee into the canvas. Natalya stands on the back of Becky’s leg before sneaking in another quick stomp. Natalya grabs Becky’s legs and pulls her back to the middle of the ring before wrenching back again and torquing Becky’s knee. Natalya gloats while Becky writhes in pain, grabbing at her knee. Natalya grabs Becky’s leg and slams it back down against the mat. Natalya continues to work over Becky’s legs while screaming how her cat is better than Becky. Becky is able to fight out of the hold with a flurry of right hands. Becky tries for the Disarmer, but Natalya fights out of it. Becky scores with an enzugiri, but struggles back up to her feet. Becky catches Natalya with a back elbow, a couple of clotheslines, and another back elbow before hitting a running forearm in the corner. Becky slaps the taste out of Natalya’s mouth before launching her with an exploder suplex that’s good for two. Becky walks into a back elbow in the corner, but she blocks a clothesline. Becky tries for the Disarmer again, but Natalya counters into the Sharpshooter, Becky counters back, but it all ends when Natalya sits back in the Sharpshooter. Becky is able to make it to the ropes to force a break. She heads to the top and takes out Natalya with a missile dropkick from the top, but it’s only enough for a two count.

    Natalya comes right back, knocking Becky down and locking in the Sharpshooter once more. Becky struggles for the ropes again, but Natalya drags her into the center of the ring. Becky is forced to tap out.

    Winner: Natalya

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    Gallery: Home > World Wrestling Entertainment > Event Digitals > Pay-Per-View > 2016 > Money in the Bank 

    Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch and Natalya

    We go to the ring and out first comes Dana Brooke with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. Becky Lynch is out first for her team. Natalya is out next to a pop.

    Dana and Natalya start things off going at it. Charlotte ends up in and Natalya tags Becky for a Hart Attack. Dana comes in but eats a double hip toss. Natalya and Becky stand tall in the ring as their opponents regroup on the floor. Becky brings Charlotte back in for a 1 count. Natalya tags and gets a roll up of her own. Natalya fights them both off but gets a big boot from Charlotte as Dana was holding her foot. More of Charlotte and Dana in control. They double team and pose over Natalya. Dana with a 1 count and more kicks. Charlotte comes in and keeps Natalya grounded now.

    Becky finally gets a hot tag and unloads on both. She hits the exploder for a 2 count as Dana breaks the pin. Dana checks on Charlotte but Becky comes in with a double missile for a 2 count on Charlotte. Natalya comes back in with offense. She drops Charlotte but gets thrown into the turnbuckles for a close 2 count. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter but it’s broken. Natalya and Becky end up running into each other, allowing Charlotte to hit Natural Selection on Natalya for the win.

    Winners: Charlotte and Dana Brooke

    After the replays, Natalya and Becky look on while Dana and Charlotte taunt them from the stage area. Natalya attacks Becky out of nowhere and beats her up. Fans boo. Natalya walks to the back on her own. We see Becky recovering in the ring and fans cheer for her. Back to commercial.


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       Gallery:  Home > World Wrestling Entertainment > Event Digitals > Pay-Per-View > 2016 > Wrestlemania 32 

    Gallery: Home > Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment > Pay-Per-View > 2016 > WrestleMania

    They show Lita revealing the first-ever WWE Women’s Title earlier tonight before going to a video package for the next match.

    Triple Threat for the WWE Women’s Title: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

    We go to the ring and out first comes Becky Lynch to a pop. We see Lita in the ring holding the new title, which will be presented to the winner of this match. Sasha Banks’ music hits next and fans pop big. WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg comes out with Raven Felix, who sings Sasha’s theme. Snoop starts rapping to introduce his cousin and out she comes to a big pop. Snoop escorts her to the ring. Cole tells us Sasha’s gear is inspired by Eddie Guerrero, her hero. Purple confetti falls in the stadium as Snoop and Sasha head to ringside. They stop and give each other love as Sasha hits the ring and Snoop heads back up. Out next comes the last WWE Divas Champion Charlotte in a robe that’s made out of pieces her dad wore at WrestleMania 32 in his retirement match. Charlotte heads to the ring with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair right behind her. She stops and raises her arms as pyro goes off behind her. Cole confirms the title will be retired tonight. Flair takes the robe at ringside as we see crew members cleaning confetti up from the ring area. Charlotte raises the title and we get formal ring introductions from Lilian.

    Fans chant “this is wrestling” before the bell. Charlotte fights them both off to start. It comes down to Sasha and Becky going at it. Charlotte stops a pin. Sasha gets a close pin on Becky. More back and forth and pins. Becky runs into a big boot from Charlotte. Charlotte points at Sasha and the fans pop as Becky rolls to the floor. Sasha ends up taking Charlotte down with a hurricanrana. Charlotte drops Sasha into the corner and thrusts her. Becky comes in and Germans Charlotte but Sasha takes a pin for a 2 count. Sasha and Becky go at it now. Becky with an arm drags. She keeps Sasha grounded now. Charlotte drags Sasha out of the ring with a wheelbarrow and slingshots her back into the ropes, to the floor. Becky takes Sasha out on the floor and brings her back in. Charlotte goes for a Figure Four but Becky kicks her off and hits more shots. Becky with an inverted DDT for a 2 count. Charlotte sells an arm injury. Becky goes to the corner but Charlotte cuts her off and brings her to the mat with a Rude Awakening for a 2 count.

    Charlotte keeps control for another 2 count. Charlotte works on Becky’s legs now. Becky fights off a Figure Four and in comes Sasha. Sasha with shoulder thrusts on Charlotte in the corner. She lays Charlotte across the middle rope and goes for the knees but Becky runs over and sends Sasha to the floor hard. Charlotte moves out of the way and rolls Becky up for 2. Becky ends up getting the Disarm Her applied and Flair jumps on the apron to provide distraction but has no luck. Flair hops back down and the referee checks on Charlotte. Sasha runs in and breaks the hold. Becky tosses Sasha back to the floor. Charlotte drives Becky’s back into her knee. Charlotte applies the Figure Four but can’t bridge it. Sasha comes off the top with an Eddie Guerrero frogsplash on both of them and covers Charlotte for a close 2 count.

    Sasha catches Charlotte with double knees for a 2 count as Becky breaks it. Becky with a big German on Sasha. More back and forth. Becky with a Rock Bottom on Charlotte but Sasha breaks the pin. Sasha and Becky go at it now. Becky with a roll up for 2. Sasha with double knees in the corner. Sasha plays to the crowd and gets a pop. Sasha runs the ropes with Becky but leaps out onto Charlotte on the floor. F;air gets in Charlotte’s face and “whooos” at him. Becky dives out and takes just Flair down to a big pop. Everyone is down as Charlotte pulls herself to the apron. She goes to the top and nails a nice moonsault on Becky and Sasha. Charlotte is hype as fans give her an applause. Fans chant “this is wrestling” as we get several replays. Charlotte brings them both in the ring as the same time and hits a double Natural Selection. She covers Becky for a 2 count. She covers Sasha for a 2 count. Charlotte is frustrated now. She covers for two more pin attempts.

    Flair is back to his feet now. Charlotte sends Becky into the ring post. She goes to powerbomb Sasha but Sasha counters and ends back up on her shoulders in an electric chair position. Becky takes them both down with a missile dropkick from the top. Becky with a close 2 count on Charlotte. Becky with the Dis-arm-Her on Charlotte for a big pop. Sasha breaks it and gets the Banks Statement on Becky. Charlotte applies the Figure Four on Sasha and Becky goes to the floor. Sasha fights it and reveres the Figure Four. Charlotte bridges into the Figure Eight but Becky pulls Sasha from the floor and breaks the hold. Charlotte chops each opponent while all three are on their knee snow. Sasha and Becky unload and both hammer away on her. They end up getting to their feet and Charlotte spears Sasha. Becky takes Charlotte to the corner for thrusts. Becky takes Charlotte to the top but Charlotte fights her. Sasha comes over and pushes Becky to the mat. Sasha beats on Charlotte on the top. Becky kicks Sasha’s feet out and she’s hung upside down. Becky hits a big superplex on Charlotte. Sasha ends up hitting the Backstabber and Banks Statement on Becky again. Charlotte sends Sasha to the floor and fans boo. Charlotte applies the Figure Four and bridges it on Becky for the win.

    Winner and First-Ever WWE Women’s Champion: Charlotte

    – After the match, Charlotte’s music hits as she raises the brand new title in the air and gets emotional. We go to replays. We come back to The Flairs leaving. Charlotte stops on the ramp and raises the title as pyro goes off. We see an outside shot of AT&T Stadium and pyro is going off all around the stadium. Cole says it’s a new era.


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    Gallery: Home > World Wrestling Entertainment > Event Digitals > Pay-Per-View > 2016 > Fastlane 

    Gallery:  Home > Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment > Pay-Per-View > 2016 > Fastlane 

    Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs. Tamina Snuka and Naomi

    We go right to the ring and out comes Sasha Banks to a big pop. Her partner Becky Lynch is out next to a pop. We see the Spanish announce team at ringside. Tamina Snuka and Naomi are out next. We see Facebook video from earlier today with JoJo interviewing Team BAD backstage, who are confident about winning this match.

    We also see the German announce team at ringside. Becky starts off with Naomi but Sasha tags herself in. Becky and Sasha argue already. Naomi nails them both and starts the match. Tamina comes in but gets booted by Sasha. Becky tags herself in and they argue again. Tamina charges but they work together and nail a double dropkick. Becky drops a leg, an elbow and another leg for a 2 count. Tamina takes Becky to the corner and in comes Naomi. Becky turns it around and nails a few arm drags. Naomi counters and hits the series of jumping kicks. Becky takes them and hits the exploder suplex, sending Naomi to the floor. Becky and Sasha run the ropes and baseball slide their opponents on the floor. They come off the apron together and nail their opponents again. Becky brings Naomi back in but she rolls right back out. Becky kicks Tamina away but Naomi takes advantage and drops Becky from the top, sending her to the floor. Fans chant for Sasha.

    Becky makes it back in at the 8 count but Naomi starts pounding on her. Naomi stomps Becky and tags in Tamina. Naomi whips Becky into a big clothesline from Tamina. Tamina with a 2 count. Tamina keeps Becky grounded now. Sasha reaches for a tag and tries to rally fans. Tamina slams Becky and knocks Sasha off the apron. Tamina slams Becky by her hair. Naomi tags back in for the double team and a 2 count. Naomi works Becky over and keeps her down with a headlock.

    Becky finally fights back and sends Naomi over the top. Becky pulls herself to the apron and is ready for the tag. She gets it and starts unloading on Naomi. Sasha knocks Tamina off the apron. She catches a Naomi kick and nails a big kick of her own. Sasha with a double knees as fans cheer. Sasha with running knees in the corner. She goes for another but Naomi moves and she hits the turnbuckles. Sasha sends Naomi into the turnbuckles face first now. Sasha with the Backstabber out of the corner and the Banks Statement but Tamina pulls Sasha out of the ring. Sasha chases Tamina around the ring and back in. Sasha runs into the Rear View from Naomi for a close 2 count. They waste time and Sasha sends Naomi into the ring post. Tamina tags in and drops Sasha with a big superkick. Tamina covers but Becky saves the pin. Naomi comes in and throws Becky to the floor. They go for a double suplex on Sasha but she counters. Becky with a double missile dropkick. Tamina misses a clothesline and Sasha drops her into the Banks Statement. Naomi runs in but Becky stops her and applies the Disarm Her at the same time. Team BAD taps out.

    Winners: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

    – After the match, Sasha and Becky celebrate and stand tall as Team BAD looks on from the ramp. We go to break.

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    They went right at each other.  Lynch had a nice intensity wanting to fight with a serious look on her face before the bell.  Lynch went right for the Disarmor but Charlotte grabbed the ropes.  Lynch nailed a series of deep armdrags into an armbar.  The crowd was chanting for Lynch.

    Charlotte was sent to the floor and then kicked off the apron.  It’s been all Lynch early on.  Charlotte hid behind her father but this time, Lynch knew what she was doing and clotheslined her.  Ric grabbed Becky and kissed her to distract Lynch.  That allowed Charlotte to attack her from behind.  That was pretty damn funny.

    Charlotte nailed a big suplex for a two count.  Charlotte controlled Lynch and drilled her with a series of knees to the mid-section.   Charlotte locked her in the head scissors around the neck, then turned her over to drill Lynch’s face into the mat over and over.  She controlled Lynch on the mat.  They had some really good sequences.  Best main roster Divas match in awhile.

    Charlotte They went back and forth until Charlotte nailed a BIG powerbomb for a two count.  Charlotte went for a sliding kick but Lynch moves and Flair gets nailed.  Lynch rolled up Charlotte for a two count.  She locked on the Disarmor but Flair throws his jacket on Lynch, covering her face.  That forced Lynch to release the hold.  Charlotte speared Lynch and scored the pin.

    Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, Charlotte!

    After the math, Charlotte attacked her and slammed Lynch into the mat and began beating on her.

    Charlotte’s arm was raised and out came Sasha Banks, who got a massive pop.  Sasha took off her bling and acred as if she was going to face off with Charlotte but then kicked Lynch (who was being helped up) out of the ring.  She told Lynch it was “her spotlight.”  She beckoned to Charlotte as if they were back together and even played off their time as friends in NXT.  Charlotte went to leave but Banks attacked her and put her in the Bank Statement.  She took the Divas championship and held the title up.

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › Pay Per View › 2015 › TLC
    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Pay Per View › 2015 › TLC

    Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

    Lynch and Banks lock up. Banks with a side headlock and Lynch transitions into a wrist lock. Banks and Lynch exchange a series of pin falls. Lynch with a side headlock. Banks with a shoulder tackle for a two count. Lynch goes for the Dis Armher, but Banks reaches the bottom rope. Banks with a forearm to Lynch. Lynch with two armdrags to Banks. Lynch with a armdrag. Banks with a armdrag, but Lynch counters with another armbar. Lynch with a rollup for a one count. Lynch armdrag and armbar combination. Banks with a kick to the midsection to Lynch. Lynch with her third armdrag/armbar combination. Banks drags Lynch to the corner and Banks gets out of the submission hold. Lynch with a dropkick to Banks. Lynch knocks Naomi off the ring apron.

    Banks attack Lynch from behind and connects with a double knee stomp to the back of Lynch. Tamina with a uppercut to Lynch. Lynch with right hands to Banks. Banks with the backstabber to Lynch. Banks locks in the Bank Statement, but Lynch power’s out. Banks with a headlock to Lynch. Banks with a sunset flip for a two count. Lynch rolls Banks up for a two count. Lynch with two uppercuts, two clothesline and a dropkick to Banks. Lynch with a leg drop to Banks. Banks with a neckbreaker to Lynch for a two count. Banks goes for two more pin attempts and Lynch continues to kick out at two. Banks slaps Lynch in the face. Lynch with a exploder suplex for a two count. Banks with a dropkick to Lynch. Lynch with a powerslam to Banks. Lynch locks in the DisArm Her and Tamia hops on the ring apron to distract the referee. Naomi attacks Lynch to break the submission hold behind the referee’s back. Banks connects with the Bank Statement and Lynch taps out.

    Winner: Sasha Banks

    Later on in the evening, Paige took on Diva’s Champion Charlotte, where Charlotte came out victorious after Ric Flair had gotten involved. Emerging backstage, Ric and Charlotte ran into Becky backstage who wasn’t all that happy with Charlotte’s antics in order to win the match. Charlotte says that they’ll all three go out celebrating, but only links her pinky with Ric’s before walking off. Becky is left looking at the Divas Champion with some disappointment in her eyes before the camera cuts off.

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Event Digitals › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › SummerSlam

    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Event Digitals › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › SummerSlam

    Nikki Bella is shown warming up backstage while Brie and Alicia look on. We cut to Charlotte being psyched up by Becky Lynch and Paige, as well as her father, Ric Flair. After a quick look at some of the great WWE Divas/Women’s Champions in WWE history, we get a video package to look at Nikki Bella’s historic WWE Divas title reign, and her challenger tonight in Charlotte.  The Diva’s match is next!

    WWE Divas Title Match Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella
    Nikki can lose her title by pinfall, submission, count out or DQ

    Back in the arena, Charlotte makes her way out to the ring accompanied by Paige and Becky Lynch, getting a pretty sizable pop from the fans in attendance.

    Nikki Bella is out next, and she’s got her stablemates with her, as Alicia Fox and Brie Bella make their way down the aisle next to the champ.

    The bell rings and Nikki bails from the ring right away to do a couple of jumping jacks. She rolls back into the ring, and right back out to do a couple of push ups. Nikki finally makes her way in for a lock up, and she’s pushed back into the corner. Nikki fights her way out and sends Charlotte to the apron. Charlotte hits Nikki with a big forearm, but Nikki drops Charlotte to the floor, and it looks like Charlotte may have tweaked her knee. Charlotte knocks Nikki to the mat, and pulls her while Nikki grabs on to the apron. Nikki kicks at Charlotte’s leg, then suplexes her into the ropes. Nikki continues to target the leg, sending Charlotte to the apron, and hitting a dragon screw from the apron to send Charlotte crashing to the floor.

    Nikki brings things back into the ring where she gets a two count, then drives her knee into the back of Charlotte’s knee. Nikki ties up Charlotte’s legs and rears back, then breaks it and simply drives Charlotte’s knee into the mat a couple of times. Charlotte responds with a forearm, and Nikki hits a quick dropkick to Charlotte’s leg. Nikki goes for the pin but she’s not able to get three. Nikki drives Charlotte’s foot into the mat in a DDT-like move, that’s good for another two count. Nikki wrenches back on Charlotte’s knee and ankle before standing and hitting another suplex into the ropes. Nikki wraps Charlotte’s leg around the ropes and pulls until it’s broken up by the ref. Nikki puts Charlotte’s ankle on the bottom rope, then jumps down on top of her knee. She misses a second attempt and is rolled up by Charlotte for a near fall. Nikki responds by locking in a single leg Boston crab and Charlotte screams in pain.

    Nikki breaks the hold and heads up to the middle rope, hitting a chop-block like diving maneuver. Charlotte still won’t stay down for a three count. Charlotte attempts to fight back but Nikki clotheslines her to the mat. Nikki wraps Charlotte’s leg around the ring post twice before trapping her in a figure four around the ring post. Nikki wraps Charlotte’s leg around the post once more, then goes for a pin, only getting a two count. Nikki goes back to the single leg crab once more.

    On the outside, Brie and Alicia get into it with Paige and Becky. Nikki taps Charlotte in a sleeper hold, but Charlotte is able to drop down with a backpack stunner to break the hold. Charlotte connects with a couple of big chops, and a quick neckbreaker. Charlotte ducks a clothesline and connects with a big boot to the face, but it’s not enough for three. Charlotte tries for a backslide, but Nikki kicks the back of her knee, and puts her down to the mat for another two count. Nikki suplexes Charlotte into the corner, doing even more damage to the leg, before hitting a running clothesline in the corner. Nikki hangs Charlotte’s let on the ropes and drives her knee into Charlotte’s thigh repeatedly. Nikki slams Charlotte to the mat and goes for another pin, getting two.

    Nikki leaps from the second rope right into a big spear from Charlotte. Charlotte is able to clamp on the figure eight, and Nikki is forced to tap out.

    Winner and NEW WWE Diva’s Champion: Charlotte

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Event Digitals › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › SummerSlam
    Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › SummerSlam

    The Bella’s and Alicia Fox are the first team to make their way to the ring, getting a couple of cheers, but a lot more apathy from the fans.

    Team B.A.D. are out next, as Naomi, Tamina and Sasha Banks make their way down the aisle.

    Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch are the final team to make their way to the ring, and P.C.B. get a decent reaction from the fans, but understandably, the fans are still a bit quiet after the last match.

    The bell rings and it looks like Brie and Becky will be kicking things off. We get a lockup and Brie backs Becky into the corner where she drives her head back against the turnbuckle, and pushes Becky’s face. Becky responds with a couple of arm drags, and a dropkick. Brie sends Becky crashing face first into the middle rope before following up with a knee to the face. Tamina tags in and kicks Brie in the face, while Sasha and Naomi knock all of their opponents from the apron. Tamina hits Becky with a huge head butt before stomping away in the corner and tagging out to Sasha. Sasha jumps on Becky in the corner before tagging right out to Naomi for a double team move. Tamina tags right back in and slams Becky to the mat. Naomi tags back in and drops a big leg across Becky’s chest. Naomi hits another leg drop that’s good for a two count. Sasha tags back into the match, but is rolled up by Becky for two.

    Team BAD make use of frequent tags as Tamina comes in and hits a huge clothesline to Becky for another two count. Tamina hits a huge forearm and head butt that sends Becky out to the floor. Tamina follows and drives Becky’s back into the ring apron. Charlotte comes in out of nowhere and spears Tamina on the floor. Naomi and Sasha come in with tope con hilo’s out on top of all of their opponents. Brie and Nikki follow up with suicide dives to wipe out everyone on the floor. Alicia and Paige fight up on the top turnbuckle, and Paige pushes Alicia out to the floor. Paige stands on the top rope and dives off with a somersault on top of EVERYONE.

    Back in the ring, Tamina shoulders Becky, but Becky fights out and is tagged by Brie. Brie hits Brie mode, and pins Tamina for three, eliminating Team B.A.D.

    Nikki blocks a kick from Becky and connects with the rack attack, but the pin is broken up by Charlotte and Paige. Paige comes in with a Thesz press to wipe out Nikki before hitting a running knee in the corner. Paige picks up Nikki and hits a fall away slam, but Nikki rolls out of the ring and out to the floor.

    Paige tries for a baseball slide, but Nikki catches her and hits an Alabama slam on the floor. Nikki heads back in the ring and does push ups and jumping jacks to taunt her opponents. Paige rolls back into the ring at 9, and gets an immediate body slam for her troubles. Brie tags in and the Bella’s flapjack Paige for a two count. Brie hits a couple of big knees to Paige’s back, cranking back with a rear chin lock. Paige fights out of the hold, but runs right into a jumping clothesline. Brie kicks Paige in the chest repeatedly, but misses with the last one and is rolled up for two.

    Alicia tags in and tosses Paige into the corner hard. Alicia picks up Paige and hits a bridging Northern lights suplex, putting Paige down for two. Alicia grabs Paige’s arms and yanks them back, putting her knee in the middle of Paige’s back.

    Paige fights up and out of the hold, but falls to a dropkick from Alicia. Alicia tags out to Nikki, who comes in and hits an immediate suplex for another two count. Alicia tags back in and we get a double suplex which is good for another near fall. Alicia kicks Paige in the back hard, then takes her into the corner head first. Paige fights out of the hostile corner and catches Alicia with a knee to the face. Paige finally makes the tag to Charlotte, and the crowd goes wild as she chops Alicia. Charlotte connects with a neckbreaker, and spear to take down Alicia. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight, but it’s broken up by Nikki. Paige spears Nikki out of the ring. Both Charlotte and Alicia connect with a big boot at the same time, and both go down.

    Brie and Becky both tag in and trade right hands. Becky gets the upper hand and snap mares Brie into the corner. Brie hits double boots out of the corner, then heads to the top where she promptly misses a missile dropkick. Becky hits a pump handle urunage that puts Brie down for a three count.

    Winners: Becky Lynch, Paige and Charlotte

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › Battleground
    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Pay-Per-View › 2015 › Battleground

    After a Total Divas promo, Paige is backstage with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Paige says the Divas Revolution begins tonight. Becky says Stephanie wants them to tear the house down but they’re going to do even better – tear it down and rebuild it. Becky says they’re even putting the WWE Superstars on notice, not just the Divas. Charlotte says they’re going to do it with “Flair” to end the segment.

    We go to the ring and out comes Tamina Snuka, Naomi and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks without her title. Out next comes Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella is out next with Alicia Fox and Brie Bella. Nikki shows off her title in everyone’s face as fans chant for NXT. Charlotte gets in Nikki’s face and they “whooo!” before Sasha talks trash to her too. Nikki tells them not tonight and goes back to the floor with Brie and Alicia. Brie goes into the ring and will be representing her team, due to Nikki rushing out of the ring.

    Sasha Banks vs Charlotte vs Brie Bella

    Back and forth action between all Divas, Sasha dominating most of the contest. Towards the end, Brie has the momentum and lets out her famous “Brie mode” call, nailing running knees on both Divas, two for Charlotte. Sasha blocks the second one coming for her and dumps Brie out to the floor.

    Naomi and Tamina surround Team Bella on one side as Paige and Becky are on the other side. Sasha knocks Team Bella down and then dives out onto Brie, Paige and Becky. Charlotte leaps out onto Tamina, Naomi and Sasha next. Charlotte and Brie come back in the ring. Charlotte takes her to the top and they trade shots. Charlotte climbs up but Sasha comes from behind and applies the Bank Statement on Charlotte, applying the submission in the middle of the ring.

    Brie breaks it and tosses Sasha into the ring post, sending her to the floor. Brie grabs Charlotte but Charlotte counters and applies the Figure Four. She bridges it into the Figure Eight and Brie taps.

    Winner: Charlotte

    After the win, Charlotte’s music hits as she celebrates with Becky and Paige. We go to replays as Paige, Becky and Charlotte stand tall in the ring, taunting the crowd and Team Bella. Team Bella backs up the ramp as Team BAD recovers at ringside.

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