Who is Becky Lynch?
Also known as the Lass Kicker - Becky Lynch is a fiery redhead from Dublin, Ireland, ready to fight anyone in her path. Trained for the squared circle at the age of 15, Lynch travelled the world perfecting her craft before debuting in NXT in 2014. Bringing a unique steampunk style to the ring, along with deadly submissions - Becky Lynch is not your average lass. With a scorching passion for sports-entertainment, there’s no limit to how far Becky Lynch can go in the WWE . Read more...
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 Elimination Chamber Recap

Becky Lynch def. Mickie James
Becky Lynch has been out for payback against Mickie James for a month, since James' reemergence in WWE to cost Lynch the SmackDown Women's Championship. At Elimination Chamber 2017, The Irish Lass Kicker got what she’s been looking for, picking up a hard-fought victory over James by surprising the veteran with a roll-up.
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    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Monday Night RAW › 2015 › October 5th

    After Team B.A.D. versus Team Bella ends, Renee Young joins Charlotte and Becky Lynch backstage. Renee asks Charlotte if her thoughts heading into Hell in a Cell will be split between focusing on her championship match or the distention between Paige. Charlotte says that Paige’s issues are just that – Paige’s issues. The Divas Champion then goes onto say that her championship match at Hell in a Cell is where she’s going to prove that she earned the title and that it’s exactly where it should be.

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    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Smackdown › 2015 › October1st

    Becky Lynch and Charlotte are seen backstage being interviewed by Jojo. We get a replay from RAW last week.  Becky and Charlotte talk about Paige complaining lately and about how her current actions have been. Paige walks up and ask Becky to continue her talking along with Charlotte. Becky tells Paige to get out her face before she makes her. Charlotte stepped in and gave Paige an ultimatum that she had a choice to either be with them or be against them. Becky and Charlotte leave and give Paige time  to think about it.

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    Gallery: Home > ScreenCaptures > Social Media > Twitter Videos – Paige and Team PCB #JustKeepDancing (@RealPaigeWWE)

    Thanks to Paige, we got to see Becky bust a few moves! And for a good cause too. Team PCB has particiated in the #JustKeepDancing hashtag which is to help raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer. Make a video of your own and help support the cause and while you’re at it you can check out the screen captures from the video in our gallery.

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    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Main Event › 2015 › September 4th

    Becky Lynch and Paige (with Charlotte) versus Naomi and Sasha Banks (with Tamina Snuka)

    Becky and Naomi start things off and Naomi avoids Becky and then goes to the ropes to avoid Becky. Naomi offers her hands but Becky slaps it away and applies a side head lock. Becky with a shoulder tackle. Becky with arm drags into an arm bar. Naomi stomps on the foot and punches Becky. Naomi floats over and uses her rear end on Becky. Becky sends Naomi to the apron and Becky with a double jump side kick that sends Naomi to the floor.

    Paige with knees to the midsection while Naomi hangs over the middle ropes and then Paige tells us who’s house we are in. Paige gets a near fall. Sasha tags in and Paige blocks a kick and sends Becky to the mat. Paige with a modified STF but Sasha gets to the ropes. Becky tags in and they send Sasha to the mat and Becky gets a near fall. Becky with a wrist lock.

    Sasha backs Becky into the corner and Naomi tags in and Naomi with forearms. Naomi runs Becky’s eyes across the top rope and then she sends Becky into the turnbuckles. Becky with a dragon screw leg whip. Becky with an O’Connor Roll but Becky with a blind tag and Becky goes after Sasha with a forearm. Naomi pulls Becky down by the hair and Sasha kicks Becky. Sasha pulls Becky from the ropes and gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

    We are back and Naomi with a kick to Becky from the apron. Naomi gets a near fall. Sasha tags back in and she connects with a knee to Becky hanging over the middle rope. Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha argues with the referee. Sasha works on Becky’s back and she rubs Becky’s face in the mat. Sasha with a straitjacket choke and she sends Becky into the turnbuckles. Becky with forearms but Sasha keeps Becky from making the tag and Sasha takes care of Paige to prevent the tag.

    Naomi works over Becky while the referee deals with Paige. Naomi tags in and Sasha with a snap mare and Naomi with a sliding forearm. Naomi with a reverse chin lock. Becky with punches but Naomi with a knee. Naomi goes for the bulldog into the turnbuckles but Becky sends Naomi into the turnbuckles. Naomi goes to the floor and pulls Paige off the apron. Naomi pulls Becky to her corner and Naomi with a boot to the back. Naomi with forearms to Backy and Sasha tags in. Sasha chokes Becky in the corner and the referee warns Sasha. Becky with an inside cradle for a near fall but Sasha stops Becky and stops her momentum.

    Sasha with knees to the back and she returns to the straitjacket choke. Sasha tries for a slam but Becky gets to her feet. Sasha with an O’Connor Roll and Sasha is sent to the floor on the kick out but Sasha stops Becky from making the tag. Paige is able to tag in and she hits a series of short arm clotheslines and a drop kick. Paige with a This is My House running knee into the corner followed by another knee for a near fall.

    Paige knocks Naomi off the apron and then Paige with a fallaway slam for a near fall. Naomi breaks up the cover and Becky sends Naomi to the floor. Naomi pulls Becky to the floor and then Sasha with a rollup for a near fall. Paige with a super kick. Paige sets for the PTO but Naomi gets into the ring and Paige releases the hold. Sasha with an inside cradle for the three count.

    Winners: Naomi and Sasha Banks

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    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Video Exclusives › WWE on YouTube › 2015 > Backstage Fallout – SmackDown, August 27th

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    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Video Exclusives › WWE.com Videos › PCB Celebrate their big win at SummerSlam

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    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Main Event › 2015 › August 21st

    Charlotte (with Becky Lynch) versus Alicia Fox (with Brie Bella and Nikki Bella)

    They lock up and Alicia with an arm drag. They lock up again and Charlotte with an arm drag and she wooos and struts. Alicia with a side head lock and take down. Alicia with a cartwheel over Charlotte and she flourishes while Charlotte applauds her. Alicia with a take down and Charlotte with a kip up. Charlotte with a rollup and bridge for a near fall. Charlotte with a leg sweep and knee drop and roll through.

    Alicia with an elbow and she sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles. Alicia chops Charlotte a few times and that means Charlotte chops back. Charlotte with a side head lock take down. Alicia with a head scissors and Charlotte escapes and kips up. Charlotte with the Flair flip and she goes to the apron and Charlotte with a shoulder. Alicia with a kick to knock Charlotte off the apron and we go to commercial.

    We are back and Alicia with a reverse chin lock. Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Alicia with another near fall. Alicia returns to the reverse chin lock. Charlotte with elbows to the midsection and Alicia pulls Charlotte back when she tries to get away. Charlotte with more elbows and Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Alicia throws a tantrum and then she slaps Charlotte.

    Alicia kicks Charlotte in the leg. Alicia with a back elbow and then she chokes Charlotte with her boot. Alicia with kicks to the midsection. Alicia with a front face lock. Alicia goes for another tilt-a-whirl back breaker but Charlotte lands on her feet and she hits an arm drag and they both go for a kick and both women are down. Charlotte with chops followed by a neck breaker and spear.

    Charlotte with the figure four and she bridges. Alicia taps out.

    Winner: Charlotte

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    Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › Thursday Night Smackdown › 2015 › August 20th
    Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Thursday Night Smackdown › 2015 › August 20th

    Becky Lynch (with Charlotte) versus Sasha Banks (with Naomi and Tamina Snuka) versus Brie Bella (with Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella)

    Brie with a kick to Sasha and she sends her to the mat but Bekcy with a rollup for a near fall on Brie. Becky with an arm drag to Brie and then to Sasha. Becky goes after Brie and Brie with a forearm as we go to commercial.

    We are back and Brie with kicks to Becky and then she does the Yes before connecting with a round kick for a near fall. Brie with forearms to Brie but Becky with European uppercuts. Brie sends Becky into the ropes and she drop kicks Sasha. Brie calls for Brie Mode and she hits a running knee to Sasha and then to Becky as she gets a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip to Brie and Brie tries to kick Sasha but Sasha puts Brie on the turnbuckles and goes for the knee drop but Becky stops her.

    Sasha puts Becky on the bottom rope and hits the double knee drop on both women. Sasha gets a near fall on Brie. Sasha slams Brie’s head into the mat and she mocks the yes chant. Sasha chokes Brie in the corner. Sasha pulls Brie into the center of the ring for a near fall. Brie with a kick to Sasha and then both Sasha and Brie go for clotheslines at the same time and they are both down. Becky with a clothesline to Brie and then Sasha.

    Becky with a drop kick to Brie and a wrist clutch pump handle suplex. Becky with a double jump side kick to Sasha and Brie. Becky with an exploder suplex to Brie and then she tries to slam Brie but Brie gets to her feet and then she sends Becky into Sasha. Brie with an O’Connor Roll for the three count.

    Winner: Brie Bella

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